Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Latest version can show chord tones on piano keys

ChordEase 1.0.3 was released today. It adds new features, and also fixes some bugs. The piano keys can now be configured to show the chord tones and tensions for each chord, dynamically updated as the song plays. This is done using the piano dialog's context menu. The MIDI Device bar now includes the state (open or closed) of each device, and a MIDI Note Mappings dialog was added, which summarizes how input notes are mapped to output notes. The song file extension was changed from .txt to .ces to avoid conflicts with other applications, but unfortunately this means existing users must uninstall their older version before installing 1.0.3.

The screen shot below shows the chord tones on the piano keys. This is in Lead mode, in which the output notes stay as close as possible to the input notes, only adding accidentals as needed. The chord happens to be Bb (Lydian), so in this case all white keys are as usual except B maps to Bb.

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