Sunday, April 13, 2014

ChordEase: play music with challenging chords easily on any MIDI instrument

ChordEase lets you play music with difficult chords easily on any MIDI instrument. It's primarily intended for jazz, but it can be also useful for any type of music that modulates frequently. ChordEase ensures that all your notes are harmonically correct, but their sequence and rhythm are up to you. In other words, ChordEase handles the rapid music theory calculations, so you can relax and concentrate on groove, feel, and aesthetics. If (like me) you're a musician who struggles with improvising to jazz or similarly harmonically challenging music, you owe it to yourself to try ChordEase.

ChordEase plays songs, which are set up beforehand. You're expected to stay in sync with ChordEase, and it provides a metronome to facilitate this. Normally you play only in the key of C major, and your notes are then adjusted in real time to fit the song's harmony, using various schemes. Any number of performers can perform through a single instance of ChordEase, using any number of MIDI instruments. Any number of parts can be defined, splits and layers can be set up, etc. Parameters can be changed in real time via MIDI controllers, and the output can be recorded and exported as a standard MIDI file.

ChordEase is certainly a work in progress but the version available today is fully functional. Download it HERE.

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