Tuesday, May 20, 2014

ChordEase 1.0.5 adds Output Notes bar, playing notes via continuous controller

Version 1.0.5 is up, and it adds two nice features: an output notes bar, and the ability to play through ChordEase using a continuous controller to generate notes, as opposed to a keyboard.

The output notes bar is a piano control, but unlike the virtual piano, it doesn't accept input; its purpose is to let you see exactly what notes your input notes are being mapped to in real time. It has filtering capability, i.e. you can show output notes only for a specific device and/or channel, though by default all output notes are shown, except for the metronome, which has its own special filter setting.

To play ChordEase using a continuous controller, you simply assign a controller to the Part's "Input Note" MIDI target. This can been done manually or via MIDI "Learn". Now spin the wheel (or wave your hand at your theremin, or whatever) and notes should come pouring out. You might want to set the Part's "Non-diatonic notes" setting to "Skip", unless you want lots of "out" notes or have very steady hands. As mentioned in a previous post, "Skip" mode greatly compresses the diatonic scale, reducing the octave to a fifth, and thus could be interesting for those with unusually short fingers, less than the usual number of fingers, etc.

Download it here.

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